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AD# B-2021-0041
Popular Grooming Salon Priced to Sell--------------
Location: North Carolina
Price: $19,000
Expires: 12/29/22

AD# B-2021-0133
Palm Beach County Pet Grooming Salon
Location: South Florida
Price: $ please contact
Expires: 9/3/22

AD# B-2021-0127
Grooming Salon--------------------------------------------
Location: Topsfield, Massachusetts
Price: $50,000 negotiable
Expires: 8/26/22

AD# B-2021-0123
24 Year Established Turnkey Grooming Salon----
Location: Clinton Township, Michigan
Price: $45,000
Expires: 8/19/22

AD# B-2021-0118
Established Grooming Salon----------------------------------
Location: Stamford, Connecticut Close to New York
Price: $250,000
Expires: 8/13/22

AD# B-2021-0114
Grooming Spa in Waterfront Historical Community
Location: Delaware City, Delaware
Price: $150,000
Expires: 8/3/22

AD# B-2021-0111
Profitable Turnkey Dog Grooming Business
with Growth Potential
Location: Connecticut
Price: $75,000
Expires: 7/30/22

AD# B-2021-0106
Busy Dog Grooming Salon---------------------------
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Price: $58,000
Expires: 7/21/22

AD# B-2021-0108
Florida Panhandle Business-----------------------------------------
Location: Florida Panhandle
Price: $249,000
Expires: 7/26/22

AD# B-2021-0100
High-End Beautiful Shop------------------------------
Location: DeLand, Florida
Price: $75,500 OBO
Expires: 7/13/22

AD# B-2021-0085
Established Grooming Salon--------------------------------
Location: Downtown Chester, New Jersey
Price: $25,000 OBO
Expires: 6/12/22

AD# B-2021-0084
Established Grooming Business--------------------------
Location: Leesburg, Florida
Price: $40,000
Expires: 6/10/22

AD# B-2020-0085
Successful Grooming Salon----------------------------
Location: Calabash, North Carolina
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 6/9/22

AD# B-2021-0082
Established Grooming Salon-----------------------------
Location: St Petersburg, Florida
Price: $100,000
Expires: 6/6/22

AD# B-2021-0080
Lucrative In-Home Grooming Business & Residence
Location: North Ridgeville, Ohio
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 6/3/22

AD# B-2021-0067
High End NYC Groom Business - Established 15+ Years
Location: New York City, New York
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 5/14/22

AD# B-2021-0064
Pet Grooming Business-----------------------------------
Location: Boynton Beach, Florida
Price: $180,000
Expires: 5/12/22

AD# B-2020-0022
Eastern Shore of Maryland Grooming Shop-----------
Unique Downtown Home and Shop Combo
Location: Eastern Shore Maryland
Price: $225,000
Expires: 5/11/22

AD# B-2021-0060
Established Grooming Salon in Great Upscale Area!
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Price: $45,000
Expires: 5/5/22

AD# B-2021-0032
Grooming Salon - No Weekends-----------------------------
Location: Mooresville, North Carolina
Price: $50,000
Expires: 3/4/22

AD# B-2021-0028
Grooming Salon--------------------------------------
Location: Oakland County, Michigan
Price: $90,000
Expires: 2/25/22

AD# B-2021-0027
Very Profitable Mobile Grooming Business----------------
Location: Southwest Virginia
Price: $200,000
Expires: 2/23/22

AD# B-2021-0017
Sunny Florida - Enter Paradise - Turnkey Full
Grooming & Boarding Salon
Location: St Lucie County, Florida
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 2/9/22

AD# B-2021-0007
Grooming Salon.------------------------------------------
Location: Loveland, Ohio
Price: $120,000
Expires: 1/24/22

AD# B-2021-0004
Work From Home! Beautiful Grooming Salon in Home
Location: McDonough, Georgia
Price: $249,000
Expires: 1/13/22

AD# B-2020-0140
Grooming Salon and Daycare-------------------------------------
Location: Watertown, New York
Price: $245,500
Expires: 12/28/21

AD# B-2020-0135
Established, Annually Booked Grooming Salon---------------
Location: Sunny Sarasota, Florida
Price: $65,000
Expires: 12/21/21

AD# B-2021-0140
Rare Opportunity! Pet Grooming Company ---------------
Location: New York
Price: $ contact for info
Expires: 12/16/21

AD# B-2021-0136
Grooming Salon-------------------------------------
Location: Portland, Tennessee
Price: $125,900
Expires: 12/11/21

AD# B-2021-0130
Home Based Dog Groom Business w/ Living Quarters
Location: Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Price: $225,000
Expires: 12/2/21

AD# B-2021-0129
Mobile Grooming Business with Trailer---------------------
Location: Myrtle Beach, Florida
Price: $59,400
Expires: 11/28/21

AD# B-2021-0119
Successful, Established Grooming Salon------------------------
Location: Howard Beach, New York
Price: $295,000
Expires: 11/13/21

AD# B-2021-0116
Booming Mobile Grooming Business--------------------------
Location: North Carolina
Price: $120,000
Expires: 11/10/21

AD# B-2020-0125
Booming Grooming Salon--------------------------------
Location: Lilburn, Georgia
Price: $120,000
Expires: 11/8/21

AD# B-2020-0123
Beautiful & Efficient Turn Key Upscale State of the
Art Grooming Salon & Daycare
Location: Ballston Spa, New York
Price: $225,000
Expires: 11/3/21

AD# B-2020-0122
Mobile Pet Grooming Business------------------------------
Location: West Michigan
Price: $50,000 includes vehicle
Expires: 10/23/21

AD# B-2020-0115
Pet Business for Sale (Retail & Grooming) ----------
Location: Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts
Price: $145,000
Expires: 10/9/21

AD# B-2020-0111
Boutique / Salon / Self-Serve---------------------------------
Location: Hyannis, Massachusetts
Price: please inquire
Expires: 9/28/21

AD# B-2021-0101
Grooming Salon-------------------------------------------------
Location: Dutchess County, New York
Price: $200,000
Expires: 10/14/22

AD# B-2021-0099
Well-Established Grooming Shop-----------------------------
Location: Stuart, Florida
Price: $35,000
Expires: 10/13/21

AD# B-2021-0097
Profitable Pet Spa------------------------------------------------
Location: Nassau County, New York
Price: $120,000 negotiable
Expires: 10/8/21

AD# B-2021-0095
Grooming Salon and Boarding Kennel-----------------
Location: Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 10/2/21

AD# B-2021-0094
Top Rated, Unique Pet Grooming Salon and
Do-it-Yourself Dog Wash Motivated Seller!!
Location: Bergen County, New Jersey
Price: $59,000
Expires: 10/1/21

AD# B-2021-0093
Busy Grooming Salon-------------------------------
Location: Franklin Square, New York
Price: $180,000
Expires: 9/30/21

AD# B-2021-0090
Established Grooming Salon--------------------------------------
Location: Ocean County, New Jersey
Price: $30,000
Expires: 9/29/21

AD# B-2021-0038
Turnkey Grooming Business Established 2005------------
Health Issues Require Immediate Sale
Location: Lake Placid, Florida
Price: $18,000
Expires: 9/24/21

AD# B-2021-0087
Salon Plus Equine and Pet Boarding Kennel-----
Location: Nottingham, Pennsylvania
Price: $749,900
Expires: 9/19/21

AD# B-2020-0036
Established Turnkey Grooming Business with Retail
Location: Lake Placed, Florida
Price: $25,000 negotiable
Expires: 6/24/21

AD# B-2021-0081
Mobile Business (No Vehicle) for Sale -------------
Location: Pennsylvania
Price: $15,000 OBO
Expires: 9/6/21

AD# B-2021-0078
Profitable Est. Boarding/Grooming Business + 4 Acres
Location: Summit County, Ohio
Price: $625,000
Expires: 8/31/21

AD# B-2020-0124
Pet Grooming Salon------------------------------------------
Location: Naples, Florida
Price: $23,000
Expires: 11/3/21

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