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AD# B-2020-0040
Grooming Salon--------------------------------------------
Location: Wakefield, Rhode Island
Price: $65,000
Expires: 3/17/21

AD# B-2020-0037
Grooming Salon in Affluent, Dog Friendly Dunedin, FL
Location: Dunedin, Florida
Price: $25,000
Expires: 3/10/21

AD# B-2020-0034
Successful Dog Grooming School - Owner Retiring
Location: Southeastern Pennsylvania
Price: $ please inquire with broker
Expires: 3/6/21

AD# B-2019-0005
Established 40 Year Grooming Business Priced to Sell
Location: Rego Park, New York
Price: $99,000 negotiable
Expires: 3/6/21

AD# B-2020-0029
Grooming Salon--------------------------------------
Location: Kernersville, North Carolina
Price: $41,000
Expires: 2/27/21

AD# B-2020-0022
Eastern Shore of Maryland Grooming Shop-----------
Unique Downtown Home and Shop Combo
Location: Eastern Shore Maryland
Price: $225,000
Expires: 2/20/21

AD# B-2020-00178
Grooming Salon - DIY Dog Wash - Boutique-----
Location: Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Price: $40,000 OBO
Expires: 2/9/21

AD# B-2020-0016
Grooming Salon--------------------------------------------
Location: Hosschton, Georgia
Price: $250,000
Expires: 2/5/21

AD# B-2019-0054
Popular Grooming Salon Priced to Sell - $21,000--------
Location: North Carolina
Price: $21,000
Expires: 1/29/21

AD# B-2020-0007
:Turnkey Fully Established Mobile Grooming Business
Location: New Ringgold, Pennsylvania
Price: $100,000
Expires: 1/17/21

AD# B-2020-0008
Looking to Buy Mobile Dog Grooming Clientele List
Location: Daytona & New Smyrna Area Florida
Price: $
Expires: 1/17/21

AD# B-2020-0004
24 Years Established Pet Grooming Business------
Location: Sea Girt, New Jersey
Price: $59,000
Expires: 1/8/21

AD# B-2020-0001
Well-Established Pet Grooming Salon----------------
Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Price: $53,000 OBO
Expires: 1/7/21

AD# B-2019-0165
Mobile Truck and Route-------------------------------------
Location: Orlando, Florida
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 12/11/20

AD# B-2019-0161
Grooming Salon - Great Location - Great Clientele
Location: Near Ridgewood, New Jersey
Price: $ will take best offer
Expires: 11/22/20

AD# B-2019-0142
Established Grooming Salon - Family Owned Since 2008
Location: New Port Richey, Florida
Price: $ owner financing available for right candidate
Expires: 10/22/20

AD# B-2019-0144
Well-Established Grooming Salon - Grosses Over $300,000 Year
Location: Scarsdale, New York
Price: $150,000 negotiable
Expires: 10/6/20

AD# B-2019-0138
High End Cage-Free Grooming Salon and Mobile Route
Location: North Shore Long Island, New York
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 10/1/20

AD# B-2019-0082
Established Grooming Salon----------------------------------
Location: Bedford County, Virginia
Price: $55,000
Expires: 9/24/20

AD# B-2019-0124
Pet Grooming Salon & Spa - Motivated Seller------------
Location: Marlboro, New Jersey Area
Price: $125,000
Expires: 9/11/20

Profitable Turnkey Grooming Business----------------------
Location: Whitmore, Michigan
Price: $50,000
Expires: 9/6/20

AD# B-2019-0117
Well-Established, Highly Respected and Profitable
Turnkey Grooming Salon - Gardner, Massachusetts
Location: Gardner, Massachusetts
Price: $80,000 for business and lease building,
or additional $80,000 for building
Expires: 9/3/20

AD# B-2019-0116
Looking for New Owner - Assume Lease
Location: Melbourne, Florida
Price: $ assume lease
Expires: 8/31/20

AD# B-2019-0115
Perfect Salon--------------------------------------------------------
Location: Marlton, New Jersey
Price: $50,000
Expires: 8/25/20

AD# B-2019-0111
Beautiful Turnkey Pet Grooming Salon Available---------
Location: Township of Washington, New Jersey
Price: $ Installment sale, low down payment with terms
Expires: 8/23/20

AD# B-2018-0171
Busy Salon in Ocean County----------------------------------------
Location: New Jersey
Price: $29,000 OBO
Expires: 8/28/2020

AD# B-2020-0042
Grooming Salon / Pet Store------------------------------
Location: Howard Beach, New York
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 7/6/20

AD# B-2020-0041
Busy Boarding Kennel - Grooming, Daycare & Training
Location: Muncie, Indiana
Price: $550,000 - possible drop to $480,000 se ad
Expires: 7/1/20

AD# B-2019-0089
Pet Grooming Salon------------------------------------------
Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 6/25/20

AD# B-2019-0085
Turnkey Grooming Business - Highly Profitable------
Location: Savannah, Georgia
Price: $75,000
Expires: 6/18/20

AD# B-2018-0130
Pet Grooming / Boarding / Daycare Business and
Home in Paradise
Location: Franklin County, Florida
Price: $349,000
Expires: 6/24/2020

AD# B-2020-0038
Long Established NYC Grooming Business--------
Location: New York City
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 6/13/20

AD# B-2019-0081
Grooming Salon------------------------------------------------
Location: Purcellville, Virginia
Price: $30,000
Expires: 6/13/20

AD# B-2020-0036
Established Turnkey Grooming Business with Retail
Location: Lake Placed, Florida
Price: $25,000 negotiable
Expires: 6/9/20

AD# B-2019-0080
Upscale Dog Grooming Salon--------------------------------
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Price: $95,000
Expires: 6/7/20

AD# B-2020-0035
Pet Grooming Salon - $5,500-----------------------------
Location: Mandarin Area of Jacksonville, Florida
Price: $5,500
Expires: 6/5/20

AD# B-2019-0077
Profitable Turnkey Dog Grooming Business--------------
Great Growth Potential
Location: Madison Heights, Michigan
Price: $75,000 negotiable
Expires: 6/4/20

AD# B-2020-0025
Client List for Mobile Grooming Business--------------
Location: Pinellas County, Florida
Price: $12,000
Expires: 5/23/20

AD# B-2020-0024
Mobile Grooming Business with Trailer-----------------
Location: Coldwater, Michigan Area
Price: $32,500
Expires: 5/23/20

AD# B-2020-0021
Turnkey, Stable Mobile Grooming Business with Van
Location: Daytona Beach, Florida Area
Price: $59,000
Expires: 5/15/20

AD# B-2020-0019
Mobile Grooming Business with Clients-----
Location: Polk County, Florida
Price: $50,000
Expires: 5/9/20

AD# B-2020-0014
Busy, Profitable, Established 20+ Year Salon---------
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Price: $100,000
Expires: 5/5/20

AD# B-2019-0070
Working Partner for Successful Boarding, Grooming
& Daycare Business
Location: Treasure Coast, Florida
Price: $ TBD see ad
Expires: 5/15/20

AD# B-2019-0064
Turnkey Grooming Salon Located in Sarasota, FL
Location: North Sarasota, Florida
Price: $15,000 and available terms with $5,000 down
Expires: 8/4/20

AD# B-2020-0012
Dog Grooming Business---------------------------------
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Price: $85,000
Expires: 4/24/20

AD# B-2020-0010
Pet Grooming Business--------------------------------
Location: Port St Lucie, Florida
Price: $35,000
Expires: 4/17/20

AD# B-2019-0057
Northern Westchester Grooming Salon------------
Location: Buchanan, New York
Price: $80,000
Expires: 4/14/20

AD# B-2020-0005
Fully Equipped Grooming & Boarding Business
for Sale, Rent or Partnership
Location: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Price: $20,000 (selling price)
Expires: 4/12/20

AD# B-2020-0002
Busy Dog Grooming Shop-----------------------------
Location: Westwood, Massachusetts
Price: $55,000
Expires: 4/8/20

AD# B-2019-0053
Downtown Cape Coral Grooming Salon-------------
Location: Cape Coral, Florida
Price: $19,000 or $10,000 with terms
Expires: 4/7/20

AD# B-2019-0050
Established Dog Grooming Salon---------------------------
Location: Pinellas County, Florida
Price: $80,000
Expires: 3/29/20

AD# B-2019-0045
Grooming Business - 2 Locations Plus Mobile Van
Location: Sunny South Florida
Price: $193,500
Expires: 3/21/20

AD# B-2019-0044
Paws Dog Grooming Shop---------------------------------
Location: Westwood, Massachusetts
Price: $90,000
Expires: 3/21/20

AD# B-2019-0043
Grooming Salon and Doggie Day Care - Turnkey
Location: Lynbrook, New York
Price: $95,000
Expires: 3/17/20

AD# B-2019-0166
18 Years Established Dog Grooming Salon----------
Location: Pinellas County, Florida
Price: $98,000
Expires: 3/14/20

AD# B-2019-0031
Grooming Salon and Real Estate----------------------
Location: Watertown, New York
Price: $ price negotiable, see ad
Expires: 3/5/20


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