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AD# B-2021-0132
Turnkey 10+ Years Established Mobile
Dog Grooming Business
Location: Arizona
Price: $50,000
Expires: 9/1/22

AD# B-2021-0131
Grooming Salon in Beautiful Naperville
Location: Naperville, Illinois
Price: $60,000 OBO
Expires: 9/1/22

AD# B-2021-0124
Well-Established Grooming Salon-----------------------------
Location: DuPage County, Illinois
Price: $40,000
Expires: 8/20/22

AD# B-2021-0120
Turnkey Groom Salon Business Plus 2 Mobile Units
Location: Boerne, Texas
Price: $150,000
Expires: 8/13/22

AD# B-2021-0107
HIgh End VIP Salon-------------------------------------------
Location: Prescott, Arizona
Price: $58,000
Expires: 7/24/22

AD# B-2021-0102
Established Grooming Salon with Building ------
Location: Jefferson, Wisconsin
Price: $98,000
Expires: 7/14/22

AD# B-2021-0098
Mobile Grooming Business------------------------------
Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Price: $25,000
Expires: 7/10/22

AD# B-2021-0092
Fruitful, Sustainable, Busy Salon------------------------------
Location: Frankfort, Illinois
Price: $100,000
Expires: 6/30/22

AD# B-2021-0088
Beautiful Northern Minnesota Boarding &-------
Grooming Facility on 9 Acres
Location: Minnesota
Price: $389,000
Expires: 6/21/22

AD# B-2021-0076
Turnkey Cat Exclusive Grooming / Boarding
Business with Commercial Property
Location: Boise Area of Idaho
Price: $45,000 business, $350,000 facility
Expires: 5/29/22

AD# B-2021-0046
Exceptional Performing Grooming Salon---------------
Land of Enchantment
Location: New Mexico
Price: $375,000
Expires: 4/2/22

AD# B-2021-0045
Well Established Grooming Salon---------------------------
Location: LaGrange Park, Illinois
Price: $235,000
Expires: 4/1/22

AD# B-2021-0037
Premier Well Established Grooming/Boarding Salon--------
Location: Marlow, Oklahoma
Price: $300,000
Expires: 3/19/22

AD# B-2021-0026
Turnkey Mobile Grooming Business-------------------
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Price: $40,500 OBO
Expires: 2/23/22

AD# B-2021-0021
Grooming Salon with Small Retail------------------------
Location: McHenry County, Illinois
Price: $45,000
Expires: 2/14/22

AD# B-2021-0008
Unique Idaho Grooming Salon.-----------------------------
Location: McCall, Idaho
Price: $140,000
Expires: 1/26/22

AD# B-2021-0006
Grooming Salon in North Dallas TX------------------
Location: North Dallas, Texas
Price: $200,000
Expires: 1/13/22

AD# B-2020-0138
Dog Grooming Salon----------------------------------------------
Location: Oak Forest, Illinois
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 12/24/21

AD# B-2020-0136
Dog Grooming Salon and Boutique---------------------------
Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota
Price: $50,000 OBO
Expires: 12/16/21

AD# B-2021-0135
Established Grooming Salon - Large Customer Base-----
Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 12/9/21

AD# B-2021-0134
Grooming Shop - Downtown Montgomery TX
Location: Montgormery, Texas
Price: $110,000
Expires: 12/4/21

AD# B-2021-0126
Mobile Grooming Business with Trailer---------------
Location: Aurora, Colorado Area
Price: $30,000 trailer only, or $45,000 with truck OBO
Expires: 11/24/21

AD# B-2021-0125
Incredible Salon in Mountain Paradise---------
#1 Salon in Resort Town------------------------------------
Location: New Mexico
Price: $95,000 terms available
Expires: 11/20/21

AD# B-2021-0115
Pet Grooming Salon----------------------------------------
Location: Elmhurst, Illinois
Price: $ contact for more info
Expires: 11/6/21

AD# B-2021-0112
Turnkey Profitable Salon and Pet Hotel in-------
Beautiful North Texas
Location: North Texas
Price: $175,000 OBO
Expires: 10/30/21

AD# B-2021-0104
Established Grooming Salon with Great Clientele
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Price: $39,000
Expires: 10/14/21

AD# B-2020-0129
Well-Established Mobile Dog Grooming Business
Location: Arizona
Price: $30,000
Expires: 11/29/21

AD# B-2021-0113
Grooming Salon Business - Mojave Valley AZ-------
Location: Mojave Valley of Arizona
Price: $8,000
Expires: 11/1/21

AD# B-2020-0102
Grooming Salon in South Suburb 30 Minutes----------
from Chicago
Location: Illinois
Price: $ please inquire
Expires: 9/1/21


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