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AD# B-2020-0027
Very Busy Grooming Shop------------------------------------
Location: Mission Viejo, California
Price: $225,000 OBO
Expires: 2/26/21

AD# B-2020-0015
Grooming Salon-----------------------------------------------------
Location: Prineville, Oregon
Price: $25,000
Expires: 2/5/21

AD# B-2019-0149
Established 10+ Years Successful Grooming Shop
Location: La Habra, California
Price: $69,000
Expires: 10/14/20

AD# B-2019-0148
Dog Grooming Business - Sonoma Co. Wine Country
Location: Sonoma County, California
Price: $65,000
Expires: 10/12/20

AD# B-2019-0147
Grooming Shop in San Francisco-------------------
Location: San Francisco, California
Price: $69,000
Expires: 10/12/20

AD# B-2019-0145
Established 10 Years Grooming & Self-Wash
Start Making Money - Potential to Grow Too
Location: Menifee, California
Price: $100,000 OBO
Expires: 10/9/20

AD# B-2019-0146
Lovely East Bay California Grooming Salon
Location: Castro Valley, California
Price: $75,000
Expires: 10/9/20

AD# B-2019-0136
Reduced! One Howl of a Deal! Grooming Salon
Location: Northern California
Price: $57,000
Expires: 9/28/20

AD# B-2019-0137
FOR LEASE: Grooming & Boarding Space
Approximately 2,000 Square Feet
Location: Benicia, California
Price: $ for lease please inquire
Expires: 9/28/20

AD# B-2019-0105
Busy and Profitable Pet Salon-----------------------
Location: Fair Oaks, California
Price: $148,000
Expires: 8/4/20

AD# B-2019-0101
High End Grooming Salon------------------------------
Location: Olympia, Washington State
Price: $60,000
Expires: 7/24/20

AD# B-2019-0084
Growing Profitable Grooming Biz in Affluent-------------
San Francisco Airport Area-
Location: San Francisco Airport Area, California
Price: $119,000
Expires: 6/17/20

AD# B-2020-0033
Super Profitable Mobile Grooming Business with
with Wag'n Tails Mobile Van
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Price: $245,000
Expires: 6/5/20

AD# B-2020-0032
High End Grooming Salon----------------------------------
Location: San Clemente, California
Price: $75,000 OBO
Expires: 6/5/20

AD# B-2019-0027
Grooming Business--------------------------------------------------
Location: Idyllwild, California
Price: $39,000
Expires: 5/29/20

AD# B-2020-0013
Mobile Grooming Business - $102K Revenue 2019
Location: San Diego Co., California
Price: $65,000
Expires: 5/5/20

AD# B-2020-0003
Mobile Grooming Business in Sunny Downtown
San Diego
Location: California
Price: $75,000
Expires: 4/8/20

AD# B-2019-0168
Dog Grooming Salon - Over 20 Years----------------
Location: Reno, Nevada
Price: $80,000
Expires: 3/19/20

AD# B-2019-0167
Pet Grooming Space for Lease--------------------------
Location: Washington State
Price: $ see ad
Expires: 3/15/20

AD# B-2019-0037
Grooming Shop in Greater Tacoma/Lakewood Area
Location: Washington State
Price: $40,000 will consider serious offers
Expires: 3/7/20

AD# B-2018-0021
Very Busy Grooming Shop------------------------------------
Location: Vacaville, California
Price: $115,500 OBO
Expires: 2/15/20

AD# B-2019-0162
Well-Established Mobile Grooming Business-----
Price Reduced
Location: Oregon
Price: $68,000
Expires: 3/2/20


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