Fill Out a Paid Ad Form

Fill Out a Paid Ad Form

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Please read all the Paid Ad Details on this page before you fill out a Paid Ad form, thank you. When ready to fill out a Paid Ad form, click the YELLOW BOX below. Use this form for any ad that is not a Help Wanted / Job Search ad, or a Used Product & Equipment ad.

Once you submit the completed Paid Ad form a copy will be emailed to you. Make sure you enter your correct email address! Please read ALL the details below before you start the 3 Steps to request a Paid Ad.


Fill Out a Paid Ad Form
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Email Pictures for Your Ad (No pictures? Go to Step 3).

When you complete and submit your Paid Ad form in Step One you will be reminded how to send photos, if applicable.


Make Payment – Thanks!

When you complete and submit your Paid Ad form in Step One you will be reminded of your payment options. Easy. See payment options here.

Final Details

Cost for Paid Ad:
We are the only classified ad site for groomers that advertises year round in major pet grooming trade magazines. As a result, our web traffic is great and that helpers our advertisers like you. To assist us with the advertising expense we have modest charges for you Paid Ad. The minimum ad cost is $18 for a 3 month ad with no pictures, only test. Pictures are extra. Add $5 per photo. Once you submit your ad you will get a link to our Payment page with all the details and options to calculate the price and length of your advertising period.

Ad Duration and Ranking: The minimum advertising period is 3 months. We also offer “Pay for 6 months and get an extra 6 months free.” For example, if you your ad is $18 with no pictures for 3 months, double that rate to $36 and your ad is for one year. The value of the longer period is significant to some advertisers. We list ads on web pages from top to bottom by expiration date. 6 + 6 ads start at or near the top of web pages. All sales are final. No refund for unused advertising time.

Ad Message Size
Please limit your ads to 300 words. If you exceed the limit we may edit your ad shorter.

Add Optional Photos or Logos
If you want to add photos there is an additional fee of $5 per photo for 3 month ads. We will resize and do minor touch-ups to improve the quality of photos as needed. We do not accept a “collage” of photos combined to make one photo. Collages rarely view well for our buyers using small devices like smartphones or tablets.

After you complete and submit your Paid Ad form you will be reminded to EMAIL your photos to with your name on the Paid Ad form please. Please send photos in JPG, PNG or GIF formats only. Maximum photos per ad is 16. You cannot attach photos to the Paid Ad form, please use email. We can accept print photos by postal mail. We will scan them and include them in your ad as part of the $5 per photo charge mentioned above.

After you complete and submit your Paid Ad form you will be guided with confirmation information to make payment. We accept Paypal, most credit and debit cards, or checks and money orders by postal mail. Click here for more payment information.

Ad Removal and Edits
After your ad is published and you no longer need it, send an email to asking for its removal. Please give us your name and identify either a phone number or email address INSIDE the ad to help us locate it. Used Mobile and Business for Sale ads have an ad number assigned to them. You can also provide that number. You can edit your ad after it is published. Send changes to and information mentioned above to help us identify your ad.

Sellers: We suggest you do not remove your ad until your sales are complete! There may be a $10 fee to restore an ad later if the sale falls through.

How to Avoid Online Scammers
Click here for more details.

Ad Renewals
We email ad renewal information 1 to 2 weeks before your ad expires. You can renew earlier by contacting us at 800-556-5131 or 360-446-5348.

Twitter Updates
We tweet whenever the Classified Ads are updated, usually daily including weekends. If you follow us you can get first pick at new and edited ads in all categories. Follow Us!


Problems Using the Online Form?
If you have a computer problem submitting the online form, or prefer an alternative way to submit, you can postal mail, fax or email your ad. Send the information requested below (same as in the online form) by EMAIL to

1. Your full name and address AND phone number.
2. Identify the Ad Category for your ad, such as Business for Sale, or Used Mobile.
3. Headline for your ad. For example, Mobile Grooming Van – Georgia
4. Paragraph up to 300 words describing the job opening or your job search. Don’t forget your paragraph should tell readers how to contact you such as phone and/or email. Include that info in the 300 words.
5. Attach pictures if applicable.