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PetEdge Grooming Supplies
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PetEdge Grooming Supplies

PetEdge Grooming Supplies

Welcome to! For nearly half a century, we’ve been the #1 discount source for professionals in the pet care industry. In that time, our company has grown to be a nationwide wholesale distributor and manufacturer of professional quality pet care supplies and equipment at guaranteed lowest prices. Take a look at our broad line of exclusive PetEdge Brands. They’re not sold in superstores and are always priced extra low to allow you to resell them at a high margin and make great profits. Our top-quality PetEdge Brand items come in eye-catching packaging that is easy to merchandise and ready for resale. These brands reinforce our focus to help independent retailers and pet care professionals get the edge on profits and compete against pet superstores. We also offer guaranteed lowest prices on pet care products from other leading brands.

By offering the industry’s widest selection of major brands at super-low prices, we help you save while maintaining our goal to be your one-stop source for professional pet care products to resell or use in your business. Our user-friendly website is dedicated to these same high quality standards. In fact, we offer an even wider selection of products on our website than in our mail order catalog, plus weekly specials and clearance items. So, bookmark this site and visit often. We remain, as always, Dedicated to Building Your Pet Care Business. Please visit our web site.

Pet Dryers
Double K Industries

Double K Industries

Groomers Choice Pet Products
DuraDog Grooming Equipment & SureGrip Grooming Tools
Other Leading Brand Tools & Equipment

Groomers Choice Pet Products

Groomer's Choice Pet Products

Groomers Choice Pet Products specializes in providing personalized service to the professional pet groomer. Our many years of grooming experience coupled with the best prices in the industry make us a wise choice for the professional pet groomer. We also provide Crazy Fast Delivery! We have four distribution centers that are fully stocked and ready to fulfill your order.

Las Vegas, Nevada services the West Coast
Sioux Falls, South Dakota services the Midwest
Tampa, Florida services the South
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania services the East Coast

That means we can deliver orders within 1 to 2 business days to about 90% of grooming salons in the continental United States. Place your order by 3 pm CST and the order will almost always ship that same day. It is common for a customer to place an order on Monday and receive that beautiful box of goodies on Tuesday or Wednesday. Not only is our delivery Crazy Fast, it is also FREE on orders of $150 or more and FREE on Dura Dog equipment orders of $2000 or more. *Some exclusions do apply on free shipping offers.

Click here to visit Groomers Choice for all your professional grooming supplies.

Metrovac Animal Dryers
Deliberately Made Better in the USA®

Wahl Animal Clippers

Wahl Animal Clippers

Now over 90 years in business, Wahl Clipper Corporation is an international industry leader in the manufacturing of products for the professional beauty and barber salon trade, consumer personal care and animal grooming. Headquartered in Sterling, Illinois, Wahl currently employs some 2,000 people worldwide in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Japan, South Africa, Spain and the United States. Wahl products are available in 165 countries around the world. Wahl features innovative clippers and trimmers both corded and cordless. Our products are designed by animal lovers and endorsed by professionals.

The Arco, Bravura and Chromado are astonishingly lightweight, amazingly quiet, cordless or cord/cordless clippers with unsurpassed cutting performance featuring the “5 in 1” adjustable blade. The Bravura features a constant speed control, enabling you to get right through the tough spots. Corded clippers such as the KM2 and Switchblade are state of the art rotary motor gear driven detachable blade clippers that are lightweight, quiet and cool running. Special features include a 16’ power cord, ergonomically balanced, impact and chemical resistant along with a fan cooled sealed motor that requires no maintenance or repair parts. The miniARCO, ChroMini, TidBit, Touch Up, and Super Pocket Pro trimmers are great for touch-ups and trims. Each trimmer is designed for your own specific style and need. As with our core items of clippers and trimmers, it is important to Wahl to carry accessory items such as attachment combs, replacement blades, oil, cleaners and shampoos. The USA manufactured Competition Series Detachable Blades are made of a Premium Quality, Precision Ground, and High Carbon Steel to stay sharp longer. They also have a Corrosion Inhibitive Clear Finish to inhibit rust and Superior Tooth Geometry for Exceptional feeding.

The Competition Series blades work on all brands of detachable blade clippers. Wahl also manufactures all the accessory products to keep clippers operating at their peak performance. Choose among our Blade Ice, blade oil, and Clini-Clip spray lubricant and disinfectant. Wahl also manufactures concentrated, all natural, detergent and soap free, PH balanced shampoos, conditioners, D’Knot and Hot Spot & Anti Itch Sprays. Our products are based on years of research with organic plant based formulas that are not only good for your pets but also good for you. Click here to visit our website for more information.

Poly Pet Tubs

And now for something completely different! Groomers, consider Poly Pet Tubs! Our tubs have the best warranty, the best stain resistance, and are by far the quietest tubs in the industry. No longer will you have the sterile look and excessive noise of steel. It will not rust, dent, or corrode…ever. The surface is simple to rinse off and its large splash walls are higher than most tubs so they will contain water and hair much better. The tubs are made right here in the USA as well!

Poly Pet Tubs

We offer three different sizes to fit your needs: 30 inches, 48 inches and 58 inches. They are available with 2 different ramp configurations (excluding the 30 inch model), and dual purpose ramp that doubles as a small dog platform inside or outside of the tub…or a hinged ramp that tucks away under the tub when not in use. The tubs are also available without a ramp. There is even an ADA approved step in model. Top quality faucets and drains are also available to complement your new tub. Visit our website.

The Most Comfortable Dog Tubs

Pet Tubs – Dog Grooming Tubs – For Self-Service Pet Wash

Pets get dirty. It is a fact of life, and one that seems unavoidable when you consider all animals love a bit of mischief now and then, especially dogs. Whether your pet lives indoors or outdoors, there are many reasons why it may need to be groomed periodically, even if only to remove excess oil from its coat. The best way to start grooming your pet is to bathe it, but using a hose and some soap will hardly ever get the job done correctly. This is why it is important for pet owners, groomers, caretakers, and other related businesses, to use a special tub that will allow for an adequate bath that will reduce bacterial and fungal growth, together with ensuring any external parasites are removed completely.

Enter Dog Tubs, the most popular pet grooming tubs on the market today.

With an extra wide table that can fit even the largest dogs, our dog bathtub is easy to use and so versatile you will no longer want to bathe your pet in anything else. With a comfortable drop down rail that allows for an easier reach, you will enjoy bathing your dog as much as your furry friend enjoys splashing around in the water like never before. This new and more soothing closeness prevents dogs from becoming stressed, making bathing them easier than ever before! In addition, our dog washtub has a no slip bottom that helps your pet stay calmer and with a more secure footing than traditional tubs, which require the use of a floor mat that only collects dirt, hair, and soap scum.

Available in two different colors: granite and white, the special coating of our dog tubs prevents unwanted marring and scratching, while remaining in pristine condition even after long periods of continued use. Our pet grooming tub is also an aesthetic break from the traditional stainless steel tubs, which can make your business look more like a clinic than the doggy spa you want it to be! One of the biggest issues pet owners and self-serve dog wash businesses have encountered when bathing dogs is the height at which the tub is placed. Traditional tubs are always at a fixed height, which means some of your customers might not be able to get an adequate grip or a close enough reach, making bath time difficult and chaotic. Our dog grooming tubs will allow you to determine the height of your tub, and even though we recommend 42 inches, the exact placement is all up to you!

Pet grooming will no longer be a hassle. Today it can be as simple and fun as it was meant to be. Whether you are a pet owner whose doggies have a habit of rolling around in foul smelling stuff, or you are just starting out on your own pet grooming venture, Dog Tubs are the one piece of equipment you should definitely have. From the smallest little doggie, to the largest great dane, it is time to turn your dog’s bath time into an experience you will both come to love. Revel in the closeness of your pet and enjoy some quality time together as you scrub away the stress and dirt that have accumulated on both its fur and in your mind. Turn bath time into fun time with Dog Tubs, the best dog grooming tubs you will ever have! Please visit our site at

The Belly Band – The Tool Saver – The Paw Saver
Grooming Safety by Jessica Products

Grooming Safety by Jessica’s company mission is to help create a safer grooming environment in any type of pet grooming establishment, and to promote safer handling practices resulting in a more positive pet grooming experience for stylists, pets, and their people. Find these great safety products and more at

Grooming Safety by Jessica

Grooming Safety by Jessica

Grooming Safety by Jessica’s company mission is to help create a safer grooming environment in any type of pet grooming establishment, and to promote safer handling practices resulting in a more positive pet grooming experience for stylists, pets, and their people. Find these great safety products and more at


Snyder Mfg Co
The Leader in Laminated Animal Enclosures

Snyder Mfg.

Since 1957, Snyder Mfg. Co. has been an originator and innovator in the animal care industry. In an ongoing effort to help pet groomers, veterinarians, humane societies, kennels, and other animal related industries, we continue to generate a variety of products for customers. Often copied but never matched, our quality products are handcrafted with care. Design services and customer support are a high priority within the company, ensuring customers get exactly what they need. We are the leader in laminated animal care enclosures. We also manufacturer pet dryers. Please click here to visit our web site.

Sanitize the Air and Surfaces in Your Business or Mobile with
Air Oasis Groomer Air Purifiers

Oasis Air Purifier

Air Oasis Dog Groomer Air Purifier

Air Oasis Groomer Air Purifiers are scientifically proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, airborne allergens, animal and chemical odors and more. Air Oasis air purifiers can help prevent the spread of infectious canine and feline diseases such as canine cough and can even help infected dogs and cats recover. One veterinarian found that when she placed infected dogs in an isolation room with the Air Oasis air purifier, all the dogs were healthier within 24 hours.

What a wonderful feeling to know the air and surfaces in your business are crystal clean and clear for your precious clients and employees.

We carry air purifiers for any size facility, including a portable model for your mobile grooming business.

The Air Oasis is perfect for
• Salon, Shop and Spa Groomers
• Home and Mobile Groomers
• Vet and Daycare Groomers

Buy one, save 15%, buy two or more, save 20 to 25% (depending on model).

Benefits of Air Oasis Scientifically Proven Groomer Air Purifiers
• Stops the spread of canine cough.
• Aids in prevention of respiratory infections.
• Helps infected dogs and cats recover.
• Proven to remove up to 99% of aeroallergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, E. Coli, H1N1, legionella and more.
• Sanitizes surface areas.
• Significantly reduces cage and animal odors.
• Lightweight, long life, low maintenance.
• Made in the USA.
• Your business can be germ-free.

What model do you need? Call 866-875-4386.

Here’s what our groomer, vet and residential customers are saying about Air Oasis:

“It really works great! In the past year I only had one case of canine cough, and that dog was in an area that didn’t have the Air Oasis technology.” – Lori, W., The Pet Hotel at Barkingham Palace, California

“We have the Air Oasis 5000 in our kennel, and in addition to keeping the odors at bay, our animals are healthier and we have NO problems with canine cough.” – Bloomingrove Vet Hospital, New York

“We have our own large dog, but for two weeks, we were also dog sitting for two additional dogs. We have been having a ton of rain, hence, the house smelled of wet dog for days! It took about two days after we began using your units, and the smell of the dogs was completely gone! I have been extremely happy with the Air Oasis.” – Ricky P

Click here to visit our website to learn more.

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