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PetEdge Grooming Supplies

PetEdge Grooming Supplies

PetEdge Grooming Supplies

Welcome to! For nearly half a century, we’ve been the #1 discount source for professionals in the pet care industry. In that time, our company has grown to be a nationwide wholesale distributor and manufacturer of professional quality pet care supplies and equipment at guaranteed lowest prices. Take a look at our broad line of exclusive PetEdge Brands. They’re not sold in superstores and are always priced extra low to allow you to resell them at a high margin and make great profits. Our top-quality PetEdge Brand items come in eye-catching packaging that is easy to merchandise and ready for resale. These brands reinforce our focus to help independent retailers and pet care professionals get the edge on profits and compete against pet superstores. We also offer guaranteed lowest prices on pet care products from other leading brands. By offering the industry’s widest selection of major brands at super-low prices, we help you save while maintaining our goal to be your one-stop source for professional pet care products to resell or use in your business. Our user-friendly website is dedicated to these same high quality standards. In fact, we offer an even wider selection of products on our website than in our mail order catalog, plus weekly specials and clearance items. So, bookmark this site and visit often. We remain, as always, Dedicated to Building Your Pet Care Business. Please visit our web site.

Groomers Edge Complete Line of Shampoos – Grimeinator
Double K Industries

Groomers Choice Pet Products – Shampoos, Conditioners & Bathing Supplies

Coat Handler   Bark 2 Basics
BathMaster  Green Groom  DuraDog Equipment & More

Groomers Choice Pet Products

Groomers Choice Pet Products specializes in providing personalized service to the professional pet groomer. Our many years of grooming experience coupled with the best prices in the industry make us a wise choice for the professional pet groomer. We also provide Crazy Fast Delivery! We have four distribution centers that are fully stocked and ready to fulfill your order.

Las Vegas, Nevada services the West Coast
Sioux Falls, South Dakota services the Midwest
Tampa, Florida services the South
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania services the East Coast

That means we can deliver orders within 1 to 2 business days to about 90% of grooming salons in the continental United States. Place your order by 3 pm CST and the order will almost always ship that same day. It is common for a customer to place an order on Monday and receive that beautiful box of goodies on Tuesday or Wednesday. Not only is our delivery Crazy Fast, it is also FREE on orders of $150 or more and FREE on Dura Dog equipment orders of $2000 or more. *Some exclusions do apply on free shipping offers.

Click here to visit Groomers Choice for all your professional grooming supplies.

Quadruped Shampoos, Conditioners and Rinses

Free Samples for Grooming Professionals! Visit Our Site Today!

Quadruped’s array of fourteen different shampoos and seven conditioner rinses has been formulated to perform all the various functions required during daily grooming service. Our line of multi-faceted Yucca-infused shampoos and conditioners are money savers for business owners. They eliminate the need to purchase different singular-function shampoos by allowing for the stocking up of one favorite shampoo that accomplishes many tasks, such as our Yucca Tearless All In One Shampoo, a flea and tick, medicated and general purpose shampoo. It eliminates fleas and ticks on contact. Its medicated cortisone-like properties soothe and alleviate “hot spots,” dermatitis and other skin-related disorders. All In One leaves a long-lasting pleasant scent that reactivates when pet gets wet. All conditioners are leave-in and our All In One Dematting Undercoat Remover Rapid Drying Aid Conditioner is a unique product that cuts undercoat removal, dematting and drying time up to 1/3 while conditioners and brighteners add luster, body and resilience to coats. It is available in scented and Hypo-Allergenic non-scented versions. Click here and explore our product information. Find out for yourself the uniqueness of Quadruped Pet Care by requesting free 16 oz. samples of our top selling products.

Quadruped Topical Care Products

Quadruped Topical Care Products

Quadruped Pet Care includes products that address pet care needs beyond that of our shampoos and conditioners, such as our top-selling Yucca-Med Spray for the relief of  itching and “hot spots.”  Yucca-Med Ear Cleaner, a non-alcoholic, non-vinegar ear wash that removes build-up and, if needed, aids in the elimination oof irritation, inflammation and mites. Skunk Deodorizer Spray eliminates skunk and other offensive odors. Yucca Flea Repellent Plus has natural lemongrass which acts as a repellent while the Mojave Yucca’s extract safely eliminates fleas and ticks while soothing the dermatitis caused by flea bites. Click here and explore our product information. Find out for yourself the uniqueness of Quadruped Pet Care by requesting free 16 oz. samples of our top selling products.

Quadruped Odor Products

Quadruped Pet Care Products

Quadruped’s Skunk Deodorizer and Odor Eliminator Spray eliminates foul odors by neutralizing, not masking, while leaving a mild floral scent. Use to spray skunk-infested pets before entering a grooming establishment to prevent offensive and lingering skunk odor and before shampooing with Quadruped Skunk Deodorizer & Odor Eliminator Shampoo. Click here and explore our product information. Find out for yourself the uniqueness of Quadruped Pet Care by requesting free 16 oz. samples of our top selling products.

Quadruped Colognes in Long Lasting Fragrances

Quadruped Colognes

Quadrupeds’ colognes are long-lasting fragrances that are layered with natural undertones and overtones that create our signature scents. An example is our popular Odin Cologne. The following is a description of its scent:

Top – Intense garden green with hints of roses, lilacs and lilies
Middle -Soft blend of cloves and cinnamon with notes of tart apple and peach
Base – Sweet vanilla with warm wood and musk

To learn more about our other colognes and scented conditioning spray, or to receive free samples of our top shampoos and conditioners, click on the Quadruped banner. Please take the time to visit our website by clicking here and exploring our product information. Find out for yourself the uniqueness of Quadrupeds by requesting free 16 oz. samples of our top selling products.

Mirage Pet Products – Groomers! WHOLESALE Accounts Available

Welcome to Mirage Pet Products!


We are an American manufacturing company with over 100 years of combined experience – 6 generations of our family – working to support pet businesses and make pet ownership even more fun than it already is! From our factory in Southwest Missouri, we produce and offer over 200,000 different products for pets. With everything from rhinestone pet collars, to luxurious pet beds, to screen printed pet shirts, and some of the most durable nylon dog collars on the market, we have what you need! Pricing shown is retail pricing. For new wholesale accounts, please register at our website.

Mirage Pet Products

ZYMOX® Remedy Products for Problem Ear and Skin

For more than twenty years, the ZYMOX line of veterinarian-approved enzyme-based products have helped animals find relief and comfort for ear infections, itchy allergy skin and hot spots. Proudly made in the USA, ZYMOX products are safe, non-toxic, easy-to-use and free of antibiotics and harsh ingredients helping animals to lead healthy, happy lives. Register today on our Partner Portal to receive wholesale prices, gain access to training videos, literature, and much more.

ZYMOX® Remedy Products

Showseason Animal Products

Showseason Products

Showseason Products

Showseason Products

Our promise is to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery & cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction. We’re committed to creating the best products in the industry that enhance the lives of professional groomers and the pets they service. All products are proudly made in the USA and headquartered just outside Atlanta, Georgia in a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse, lab & shipping department. Many products come from your suggestions and we actively seek your feedback at trade shows that allow us to meet our most valued product…you! We’re always available — give us a call, 678-382-0218 and click here to view our website online.

Bardel Bows – The Perfect Finishing Touch

Bardel Bows

We are a family owned business producing Handmade Grooming Bows in our local community. We offer everyday grooming bows, pixie collections, petite collections, bow ties and much more. If you have any questions please email us or give us a call at 800-874-7198. See us online, click here.


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